Big Chimping…

So me and my teammates have recently started Chimping!
Here’s the scoop… CHIMP (CHaritable IMPact) is a website which allows donations and tax receipts to be done easily online and encourages donors to “follow” and engage with us on our journey towards the Rio Olympics. The goal is to create a community of supporters who we can interact with using our CHIMP account. Donated funds are collected through this online charitable platform and then will be redistributed to my network of charities within CHIMP. Although this is definitely a very new technology, it has been done successfully by other Canadian athletes and I used Olympic Windsurfer Nikola Girke as inspiration for my own account. During the lead up to last summer’s London Olympics Nikola utilized her CHIMP account very successfully and to date has been able to attract over 50 members to her group and redistribute over $3000 CDN to charities which were especially meaningful to her including CAN Fund, Kidsport and the CKNW Orphans Fund. Nikola was great at posting photos, comments and her goals for the Olympics and was able to challenge her network of followers to donate more should she achieve a podium / PB finish in London. We aren’t talking major cash here but how cool is it that someone can say they offered up $20 to help motivate and drive an athlete to achieve her goal at the Olympic Games.
As an athlete this is where I recognize the value of this new technology, as no longer are we forced to solicit money selling T-Shirts to our friends and family, we can now share our goals and aspirations within our community of supporters and challenge them to CHIMP us should we achieve them. Therefore, my goal at this point is to begin building my community of supporters that I can bring along with me on my journey to the Rio Olympics. Click the link below if you’re interested in checking it out I’d love to have you on board…
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