About Me

Hey! So as you have probably guessed by the giant red title my name is Mark Pearson. I have been a member of the Canadian Men’s National Field Hockey Team since 2005, and have competed at various multi-sport games including 2 Commonwealth Games, the Hockey World Cup in 2010 and my personal highlight, the Olympic Games in 2008. Representing my country has really been an unbelievable experience and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to travel the world playing a sport I love with a group of guys who I consider my best buds. Outside of hockey I am also a student at UBC and am currently finishing up my Undergraduate Degree.

Looking ahead, I have my sights firmly set on success at the 2013 Pan Am Cup and 2015 Pan American Games both of which are on home soil in the Toronto. This is my first chance to compete in a major event in Canada and I could not be more excited as each of these tournaments offers our team a ticket to either the 2014 World Cup or 2016 Olympic Games. It is going to be an exciting journey and I have started this blog as a way of easily keeping my family, friends and fans updated on our training, travelling and competitions that we undertake en route to the Olympic Games in 2016… fingers crossed.

Outside of school and sports, I enjoy cooking, crock potting, coffee, golfing, fishing, hiking, tennis and essentially anything else outdoors in the sunshine.  I also have a great family with 3 sisters (Vickie, Rachelle and Vanessa) and a dog Corrig who would all be annoyed if they didn’t get a personal mention.

Overall, I know this is going to be an exciting journey, I hope you are interested in following along…


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