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New Year, New Blog

Well here goes…

For starters, building and maintaining a blog is something that I have been stewing on for a while now and thinking back on it I guess I had a few good reasons to hold out, including a major lack of website building experience, a little nervousness about what my friends and teammates would think (shameless self promotion anyone?) and I guess an overall feeling that what I had to say wouldn’t resonate with anyone in particular.

However, the more I have thought about it and the more time I have put into building this site the more excited I have become about this new opportunity to express myself, my thoughts and my goals as I move into a new 4 year cycle with the Canadian Men’s National Field Hockey Team. Missing out on London last summer was an unbelievably tough pill to swallow, but to be honest and to the credit of our group we have rebounded well from that disappointment and have used it to fuel us in our trainings on the pitch and in the weight room. (Or hiking / doing wind sprints / piggy back races up the side of Cypress bloody Mountain – although the view might have been worth it…) IMG_0277

I am pumped about this new cycle but know that, in order to be successful moving forward, we need to professionalize our training environment as much as possible, and I guess this blog, as well as serving to update my friends, family and fans on what our team is up to, is a way for me to articulate and hold myself accountable to both my athletic and scholastic goals. Essentially if I write it down and tell the world about it I better be doing it!

I’m kind of feel like I’m throwing myself in at the deep end here so would appreciate any comments, questions, concerns that you might have…

Stay Tuned!

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