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Never an easy task…

Well turns out defending your Pan Am Cup title in front of your friends and family on home soil is not as easy as it sounds. Despite being undefeated after two games we are less than satisfied with the 3 – 1 win against Brazil and the 2 – 2 tie against Chile last night, especially allowing them to come back from being 2 – 0 down at halftime. This draw has made our goal of winning this tournament that much more complicated and we recognize as a group that we have lots of work and fine tuning to do over the next couple of days. What was especially disappointing for me was that it appears the lessons of our France match at World League Round 2 which I discussed here have not been learned and our young group is going to take a little more seasoning before we become comfortable in the pressure matches.


However despite all this, what is reassuring and positive for me is that never before as a member of the Canadian Team have we looked so dangerous going forward or created as many goal scoring chances and penalty corners. I know it sounds cliche and I am going to sound like your classic NHL’er in a post game interview but it has literally been incredible how snakebit we have been in front of goal and how with just a little ‘kook luck’ around the keeper we might have won these two games very convincingly. Hopefully with a little extra work in the D at training over the next couple of days we will be able to start converting these chances in the matches and make our home town fans happy!


All in all not the ideal start to our Pan Am Cup defence, but all the boys are loving the support from back home and here in Brampton and we are still positive and looking forward to our next match against Trinidad and Tobago…

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Playing on home soil…

During my 6 year international career I have had the privilege to represent my country over 130 times and compete at the highest level across  6 continents. I have competed in two Commonwealth Games, an Olympic Games and a World Cup and yet always considered there to be one major omission from my hockey resume… The opportunity to play a meaningful tournament on home soil in front of a passionate Canadian crowd!

Certainly international test series and matches, such as the recent Brazil matches in Vancouver or the India Series in Surrey back in 2009 have always been an awesome experience and a great boost for the local hockey community but for me there is something extra special about playing tournament hockey on home soil. Winning the last edition of the Pan American Cup in Chile back in 2009 was the highlight of my hockey career to date and I still get chills thinking back or when I look back at the pictures.


I can only imagine what the feelings would be like if we were able to carry that cup around the Cassie Campbell pitch here in Brampton in front of 2000 Canadians in 8 days time. To give you some perspective on how much this tournament means to Canadian Field Hockey players check the blog I recently wrote breaking down the diary entries from the Canadian boys who won gold on home soil at the 1999 Pan American Games in Winnipeg. I look to the successes of the past for inspiration and hope that this group of guys will be able to write their own chapter in Canadian Field Hockey history over the next week!

Overall, winning this tournament has been my sole goal since we failed to qualify for the London Games last February and the boys have put countless hours in on the pitch and in the gym to be ready for our first game tomorrow against Brazil. I for one cannot wait to suit up…


Also please remember to check out http://www.panamhockey.org/en/home for all the tournament info and live streaming of the matches!!

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